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352nd Special Operations Wing Stands Up

The 7th Special Operations Squadron, which forms part of the 352nd Special Operations Wing, based at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk has been undergoing several changes over the past 12 months, in line with an increase in capabilities and duties for the 352ndSOW as a whole. Duncan Monk and Ben Montgomery summarise the changes and realignment [...]

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UK MoD Upgrades Helicopter Fleet

In a manner not seen since it came of age in Vietnam, Afghanistan has thrown a spotlight onto the vital role of the helicopter in fighting and winning modern conflicts. As part of the 2010 Strategic Defence and Security Review, the Ministry of Defence outlined their Rotary Wing Strategy – aiming to reequip and modernise [...]

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Northolt Nightshoot XVIII

Northolt Nightshoot XVIII doesn't really need introduction from us, given the popularity of these events with the enthusiast community. Whilst this was the 18th in the long series of nightshoots, it also marked the 100th anniversary of RAF Northolt, which celebrated the occasion two days before the nightshoot – which was held on Thursday 5th [...]

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Old Warden Pageant Airshow 2014

For fans of truly vintage aircraft, there is nowhere else in the country where you can experience the excitement of early aviation quite like the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden. Ben Montgomery reports from a beautiful Shuttleworth Pageant Airshow, with a few very special exhibits in the air. The Shuttleworth Collection was founded in 1928 [...]

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Exercise Joint Warrior 2014-1

Exercise Joint Warrior 2014 Serial 1 was the latest in the long-running series of multinational exercises of the name that have run in the UK, and also the largest tactically focused military exercise held in Europe during 2014. Over 13,000 personnel, 33 ships, 3 submarines and multiple ground, troop and air assets from 9 separate [...]

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CP-140 Aurora – Canadian MMA

Externally similar to the widely used and highly successful Lockheed P-3 Orion, the CP-140 Aurora is in fact a different machine entirely. Named after the Greek goddess who restored Orion’s eyesight, Canada took delivery of the first of its 18 strong fleet of CP-140 Auroras in May 1980 (with the last delivered in August 1981) [...]

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The Last Shadow – MC-130P Retirement

The 352nd Special Operations Group at RAF Mildenhall has been visibly upgrading their aircraft and capabilities over the last year (see 352nd SOG welcome the CV-22B and MC-130J). With new types becoming operational, the older aircraft are now being phased out in turn. February 2014 saw the final MC-130P Combat Shadow leaving the 67th Special [...]

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352nd SOG welcome the CV-22B and MC-130J

On Monday 24th June 2013, the 352nd Special Operations Group took delivery of the first batch of CV-22B Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft, marking the start of a large expansion and modernisation program at RAF Mildenhall. Ben Montgomery visited the 7th and 67th Special Operations Squadrons at Mildenhall to learn more about their new aircraft. 352nd Special [...]

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Phantom Pharewell – F-4F Retirement

The German Air Force are well known for their dedication and enthusiasm to marking major milestones for their various aircraft types. When it was announced that the venerable F-4F Phantom II would retire in 2013, AeroResource made sure to be at Wittmund for the finale. Ben Montgomery reports from a wet but impressive event. The [...]

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