Welcome to the AeroResource UK Waypoints map!

When monitoring aircraft movements it is common to hear routes being given out as a series of waypoint references where, in the majority of the time, the names have no direct reference to their location. One of the most common questions is ‘Where is waypoint so-and-so?‘ therefore we have put together the map below in an attempt to try and help answer that question.

There are two easy ways to use the map –

  • Looking for a specific waypoint? – Then hit the icon next to the Waypoints title in the top left of the map display and you will see three different waypoint types. Clicking on the down arrow then expands that type and presents an alphabetical list of all waypoints mapped within that section and, clicking on a waypoint will take you straight to its location
  • Just explore! – Simply scroll around and zoom in/out to discover waypoints around the UK

Disclaimer – the positioning of the waypoints on this map are based on open source information and may not reflect their true location. Therefore, this map is not to be used as a navigational aid and is designed only to provide an information resource.