On 18th October 2007 an icon of British engineering returned to the skies following a lengthy and ground breaking restoration project – quite probably the largest of its kind. Since then, Avro Vulcan B.2 XH558 has captured the minds, souls and hearts of both enthusiast and general public alike. Now, 8 years on, the distinctive shape of the ‘tin triangle’ is about to leave the skies of Britain for good as it retires for the second – and unfortunately now, the final, time.

Whilst some may not be fans of XH558 or the way the project was ran, it is hard to deny the impact that its return to flight has had. ‘The Vulcan Effect’ has attracted significantly more visitors to airshows that it has appeared at and this years countrywide tours have shown just the level of interest in the aircraft during its final moments.

© Michael Lovering - Avro Vulcan XH558 - Vulcan Picture Wall

Avro Vulcan XH558

During the 2015 displays, a phrase often used during the commentary has been ‘Don’t cry because it is over, smile because it happened’. In this spirit, AeroResource would like your help to compile a picture wall covering as many important moments, displays and flypasts that XH558 has taken part in over the last 8 years – made up entirely of images from the community. From formations with the Red Arrows and warbirds, to ground based hangar tours, AeroResource would like to get as many different images of XH558 together in one single place.

If you would like to submit images to be used on this picture wall, we have setup an email address to send to – vulcan@aeroresource.co.uk

XH558 is always referred to as “the people’s aircraft” and, in that spirit, we are looking for photographs from everyone. So don’t worry if you don’t have the latest equipment, or don’t consider yourself the best photographer. This is open to anyone!

The following guidelines should be followed when submitted images –

  • A maximum of 3 images per member can be submitted and should be in jpeg format
  • Images should be of XH558 taken after its return to flight on 18th October 2007 however, outside of that, can represent any element of its operation
  • Submissions can be in any ratio but maximum of 1200px on the longest edge
  • Please try and keep individual file size below 1mb
  • When submitting please provide a short caption of when and where the images were taken along with a name to credit
  • We are happy to include personal website addresses in the image credit as long as the content on those sites does not contain anything deemed inappropriate in accordance with the forum rules
  • Personal copyrights can be left in place on the images however we do ask that they are discrete and not overpower the main image (after all, this is about the Vulcan rather than individual publicity).
  • Images should be submitted by 15th November 2015 after which they will be gathered together and the picture wall put live by the end of November

A couple of minor housekeeping points –

  • We obviously expect all images to be your own work and you must hold the copyright of all submitted images
  • AeroResource reserves the right to not use images if they do not fall within the guidelines above
  • The images will be hosted on the AeroResource server so that they are always available as part of the wall. They will not be used for any other purposes.
  • If, in the future, you require the images removing from the site you can contact any member of the AeroResource team using the ‘contact us’ section of the AeroResource site

Hopefully we can gather together an incredible range of Vulcan shots capturing many amazing memories and sights that will serve as a reminder of the pleasure it has brought to many.

A reminder – please send your images to vulcan@aeroresource.co.uk