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YAM Halifax Nightshoot

Home to one of the finest collections of aircraft in the UK, Jamie Ewan travelled to the Yorkshire Air Museum for a nightshoot with their replica Handley Page Halifax III better known as 'Friday the 13th'. YAMs Masterpiece The cries of ‘it’s not a real one’ or ‘that’s not a proper Halifax’ are often heard [...]

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Northolt Nightshoot XVIII

Northolt Nightshoot XVIII doesn't really need introduction from us, given the popularity of these events with the enthusiast community. Whilst this was the 18th in the long series of nightshoots, it also marked the 100th anniversary of RAF Northolt, which celebrated the occasion two days before the nightshoot – which was held on Thursday 5th [...]

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Lightning Preservation Group Nightshoot

Protecting the Protectors - Tracing their roots back to RAF Binbrook’s Crash Gate 2, the Lightning Preservation Group (LPG), hold a number of events through the year which have become a ‘must’ on many an enthusiasts calendar. Jamie Ewan travelled to their home at Bruntingthorpe for a look at their first event of the year [...]

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Biggin Hill Nightshoot

Biggin Hill is an historic airfield which requires no introduction for most aviation enthusiasts having formerly been RAF Biggin Hill. During the airfield’s time in RAF service, based squadrons took a lead role in the air defence of London when it was used by the Royal Flying Corps in the First World War and famously [...]

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Northolt Nightshoot XVII

The nightshoots at Northolt have become a ‘must do’ for many enthusiasts and often set the standard when it comes to lighting, aircraft and organisation. Adam Duffield headed to London for the 17th event - the second of 2014 - to see what organiser Phillip Dawe and his team had managed to attract. Additional photography [...]

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Northolt Nightshoot XVIa

Since the first ever Northolt Nightshoot taking place back in January 2009 and with only around 60 photographers in attendance, Northolt has set an undoubtedly high standard when it comes nocturnal photography shoots in the UK. Jamie Ewan and Adam Duffield headed to west London to see what the 16th event of its type had [...]

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Just Jane Night Run & Fireworks

The heavenly roar of four Rolls Royce Merlin engines fills the air on a cold November night at the former RAF East Kirkby as resident Lancaster NX611 dances once again in the dark. Jamie Ewan was there for Aero Resource to witness this nostalgic event. On April 25th 1945 the final wartime raid from RAF [...]

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Newark Air Museum Nightshoot

With the night’s drawing in and the 2013 airshow season coming to a close, attention starts to be paid to the ever increasing number of night shoot events around the country. With the Swedish Air Force Historic flight attending nearby Waddington Airshow earlier in the year, a unique situation presented itself to the staff at [...]

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RAF Northolt Night Shoot XIV

RAF Northolt's Night Photoshoots need no introduction by now - having set the standard for nocturnal photography events in the UK since January 2009. This was the 14th event to be held, and set Northolt's already lofty bar yet higher with the appearance of several rare aircraft, as well as some old favourites. AeroResource's Ben [...]

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RAF Northolt Night Shoot XI

During the cold and dark winter months outside of the airshow season many aviation photographers find themselves trying to explore different avenues to get their ‘fix’ with one such option being night shoots. These have become ever more popular with a number of organisations arranging events across the country but one of the most well-known [...]

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