About Us

AeroResource is run by a small but dedicated team of volunteers. Working from around the UK, and often around the world, the articles on this website are the end result of the efforts of our team. We are also privileged to have a wide base of guest writers, whose fantastic work enriches the pages of this site. If you would like to contribute towards the site, please contact us using the Contact page - we are always looking for a greater range of articles and reviews!

Ben Montgomery - Deputy Editor

Acting as AeroResource's Editor since 2014, Ben's interest in aviation was fostered living under the approach path of RAF Mildenhall, and furthered through a degree and career in Aeronautical Engineering. With an established interest in primarily military aviation, Ben will happily point a camera at anything that flies, given the chance.

Duncan Monk - Co-founder

An Ex Royal Air Force and Royal Navy Air Traffic Controller with over 24 years service, Dunk's passion in aviation was kindled by his Father and Two Brothers service in the RAF - brought up on a rich diet of Air Fetes at Alconbury and Mildenhall! Dunk now resides near to RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall and has had photographs published in aviation magazines in France, Ukraine and regularly in the United Kingdom.

Jason Grant - USA Correspondent
USA Correspondent

Jason’s passion for military aviation started in 1985 when he attended his first air show; the International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford. Since then, he has visited military bases and air shows all over Europe and the USA. 5 years ago, Jason made a decision to concentrate most of his spare time from work travelling to the USA. He now writes articles exclusively for AeroResource from bases and air shows he visits there.

Mark Forest - USA Correspondent
USA Correspondent

During the early 80's Mark began his interest with aviation by mostly visiting civil airports around the UK, then in 1985 whilst visiting his first Airshow at RAF Fairford with long time friend Jason Grant, he became hooked on military aviation. From then on he's spent many weekends attending Airshows around Europe but Mark had a faraway passion burning inside, this was to visit the USA especially AMARC. In 1993 his dream came true and Mark finally visited AMARC. Over the last 9 years Mark has spent most of his spare time in the US writing exclusive articles for AeroResource.

Jamie Ewan - UK Correspondent
UK Correspondent

Hailing from Skipton, North Yorkshire, Jamie entered the world of aviation at a young age with his first airshow at 6 months old. Ever since he has been hooked and can normally be found lurking around a fence line at any chance he gets! Jamie is a published photographer and is looking to extend his aviation journalism in the near future as well as a career in the world of aviation.

Adam Chittenden - UK Correspondent
UK Correspondent

Adam caught the aviation bug at an early age when he was taken to the North Weald, Duxford and IAT airshows by his Uncle at eight years old. He didn't let up from there and continues to be a regular visitor to this day. Living directly between Brize, Fairford, Mildenhall and Lakenheath, he is usually found at the fence trying to catch something rare. Relatively new to AeroResource compared to his long-established colleagues, he hopes to continue to write articles for both UK and European Airshows long into the future.